Rizzoli & Isles 1-2 Pastel Games / Turner Broadcasting System 2011

Based on the TNT Original series Rizzoli & Isles, these are free browser-playable point & click adventures. The Masterpiece Murders will have you collecting blood samples, investigating evidence, acquiring finger prints, piecing together clues and generally doing all kinds of detective-y things. People are dying, and when paintings showcasing the very crime scene you just entered begin to turn up, it becomes apparent that you're not dealing with your garden variety whack-job. Is Bob Ross striking back from beyond the grave? I never trusted that guy. Who knows how many happy little lumps were buried under those happy little trees? The Boston Butcher (June/2012) Detective, theres been a murder at the docks. Make sure you talk to the officers at the crime scene. There are many clues to be found and several people to interview. Remember, after each location, head back to HQ to organize your clues.
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Browser-Playable Free Flash Games (uploaded by Newgrounds / Jay Is Games)
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