Microsoft Multimedia Beethoven: The Ninth Symphony The Voyager Company / Microsoft Home 1994

As part of the Microsoft multimedia series on great composers, Multimedia Beethoven focuses on what many critics consider the greatest piece of music ever written. Certainly one of the most recognizable themes in the world, The Ninth Symphony is performed by the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt, and accompanied by the Viennese State Opera, led by chorus master Wilhelm Pitz. Interactive and cross-linked sections provide background and insight into the life and times of Ludwig van Beethoven. You'll be introduced to classical music in "The Art of Listening," which features commentary by musical scholar and pianist Robert Winter of American Public Radio. "Beethoven's World" offers insight into the cultural, social, and political influences of the time period, while the "Pocket Audio Guide" features a map of the symphony with options to hear any of the major themes from the four movements. Each movement is further organized by exposition, development, recapitulation, and coda.
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ISO Demo 535MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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