Microsoft Explorapedia: The World of People Microsoft Press 1995

Explorapedia provides a world of learning that beckons students with its playful and friendly air. Explorapedia was designed to encourage exploration and to reward inquiry. With just a click of the mouse, students can learn how wolves hunt or why penguins look like they are wearing tuxedos. Or they can trigger a brief animation to see some of histories greatest thinkers. For those needing help with reading (or just desiring the reassurance of another voice), narration by children can be turned on or off for all of the text that appears on the screen. With the signposts and the pop-up “see also” list, young minds can smoothly move from one fascinating – and educating – topic to the next, taking whatever path they desire. Along the way they will be increasing their knowledge of people and rediscovering the fun of reading. And they will also be acquiring the concepts of research and cross-referencing of subjects. Along the way they will learn how one part of social studies is related to the whole of world and its history.
ISO Demo 459MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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