Microsoft Dogs Microsoft Press 1995

Here's everything you need to choose, train, and care for a new companion - or just explore the amazing world of dogs! Dogs provides the user with access to information on over 250 breeds from around the world, with narrated videos, interactive articles with photos, breed characteristics, origins, tips for potential owners, and much more. It is easy to find yourself wandering through the thousands of screens of information--discovering the Hungarian Puli for example, finding out the best solution for fleas and ticks, or just plinking out a few tunes on the Dog Piano--the options are limitless.Fortunately Microsoft makes it easy to navigate through this nearly overwhelming information overload. Providing a wonderful contents page and a quick access toolbar (craftily shaped like dog biscuits), it is easy to find your way around the world of Microsoft Dogs. Choosing from one of the four starting points--Breeds, Care, Origins, or Guides--is your best bet. Try taking a tour to get the feel of the system, then branch out on your own. Use the Canine Consultant option to find out what dog might be best for you or your family, or go directly to the Index to find information about a specific breed.
Full ISO Demo 328mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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