Fates of Twinion, The Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1993

The solo version of the sequel/add-on to the original Shadow of Yserbius, the graphical multi-user dungeon game on The Sierra Network (which at this point had become known as the Imagination Network). Once again brave warriors and wizards are needed to enter dangerous dungeons and uncover the secrets of the evils that plague the land. Using the same engine as the original, the sequel provides more of the same: a pure dungeon romp with squared-off dungeon maps, random encounters, and treasure-strewn halls. While gameplay remains the same, Sierra tried to get the most story and diversity out of the engine and produced a somewhat more complex game, with a wider range of puzzles, traps, and turns. In 2020, a fan-made remake was included in Medievalands which has the original Shadow of Yserbius.
Full Demo (uploaded by My Abandonware)
Medievalands - Free Fan-Made Remake 2.2MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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