Ballads of Reemus, The: When the Bed Bites ClickShake Games 2012

This is a premium point and click adventure game based on the hit web game series The Several Journeys of Reemus, created by animator and game designer Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth. Join Reemus the insect exterminator and his companion and minstrel Liam the purple bear on an all-new, premium-quality quest as they travel to exotic locations, battle giant insects and bumble their way towards writing a ballad of their adventures that will finally impress the citizens of Fredricus once and for all! Sludge through swamps, barter with merchants, fly with birds, tunnel into underground lairs and battle giant insects as Reemus and Liam stop at nothing to get people to pay attention to them! These are tales of Reemus' life as an exterminator before the Death Slug invasion. Completely stand alone from The Several Journeys storyline, The Ballads will explore Reemus' attempts to find glory and respect as the Kingdom of Fredricus' only exterminator. Explore imaginitive, colorful and unique environments, about 40 detailed hand-drawn locations in all, including Reemus' hometown. Unfold an intriguing and comical storyline with more than 39 new and interesting characters to meet along the way. There's completely voice-acted dialogue, a first for any Reemus game. Chat bubbles can be toggled off for a more cinematic experience. About 30 new and original musical tracks are written by musician Mitch Bowden, with that eerie and intriguing feel that Reemus games are known for. Use your inventory, your surroundings and your wits to solve tons of distinct puzzles. There are close to 100 different items throughout the game. Optional side quests and secret easter egg puzzles with in-game achievements.
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Level Demo (uploaded by Official Site)
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 67MB

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