Leisure Suit Larry Cool Drinks And Hot Girls / Leisure Suit Larry: Kühle Drinks und Heiße Girls [G] phenomedia publishing gmbh / rondomedia Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH 2004

This is a collection of three Flash-based mini-games featuring the characters from Magna Cum Laude. Babewatch puts in the role of a waiter/lifeguard on a beach, as you need to fetch drinks or ice cream for your customers. After helping them, they'll ask you to lather them with lotion, after which you'll get a "date!", increasing your score. Every once in awhile, you'll also need to rescue someone out in the water, which will also get you a date. In Bar Wars, you need to serve your customers by grabbing either beer or coffee, serving it to them, cleaning out the glasses, and repeating. As they get drunker, soon they start getting rowdy and taking their tops off before collapsing. Both of these are controlled with the keyboard, although the movement takes place on an isometric plane, making it very hard to control. Nightwatch is actually a ripoff of an old Flash game called Ya Ya XX. You play in a dark room filled with woman, and as one of them peeks up from the covers, you click on them for a quick bit of lovin'. In other words, it's more or less just like Whack-a-Mole but with chicks. Hidden amongst the beautiful girls is also the fat, ugly one, which will actually deduct points from your score.
German ISO Demo 286MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Level Demo 16MB (uploaded by idnes.cz)

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