Vsevolod (cancelled) SVARUN Studios 2012

This nice looking adventure game made in Serbia is based on the Wintermute engine. The story follows the pursuit of young nobleman and archeologist Vsevolod Nikolaevich Peremishlov who finds himself deliberately left behind on the far flung Obzorye island on the brink of the Arctic circle as his fellow historians rush back to their motherlands as the long expected war erupts when Britannia attacks Empire of Germania. Vsevolod stays behind in order to end his decade long quest for the fabled artifacts of Lord Svarog the Creator himself, which rumored to be hidden deep within the vaults of an ancient Slavic svarostan situated on the Obzorye island. However, finding the mystic objects will only serve as on overture to a greater scheme which will take Vsevolod on a journey through space, time and even to the brink of existence. It's a traditional 2D point-and-click adventure in the vein of the most well known classics of the genre, completely drawn by hand (background art, as well as character animation). The gameplay revolves around solving various inventory based and mechanical puzzles, dialogues, using spells in form of short musical phrases to interact with the game world, as well as using some more exotic abilities.
Free Prologue 364MB (uploaded by Izzy Games)

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