Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds - The Second Scenario Andrew Greenberg, Inc., Robert Woodhead, Inc. / Sir-tech Software, Inc. 1985

The sequel to the original Wizardry follows the defeat of the evil Werdna and the return of Mad Overlord Trebor's amulet. The heroes who had accomplished that were inducted into Trebor's personal honor guard. Unfortunately this particular honor didn't last very long as Trebor's madness and obsession with the amulet and preventing Werdna's return drove him to suicide. With both Trebor and Werdna dead all seemed well within the kingdom of Llylgamyn. Unfortunately, this peace didn't last very long. With Werdna dead and out of the limelight, an evil knight named Davalpus felt it was time to make his move. He stormed the castle, slaughtered the royal family, and declared himself supreme dictator for life. The Prince of the land fought and killed Davalpus using the legendary Staff of Gnilda and wearing the armor of the Knight of Diamonds. However, the god Gnilda took the staff back and placed it deep within his heavily guarded six-level temple. Since the staff's power protects the land from invasion by hostile outlanders, someone will need to venture into the temple and get it back along with Gnilda's blessing. Knight of Diamonds uses the same basic engine and graphics as its predecessor. The player creates a party of up to six characters from a choice of fantasy races and classes, and takes it to explore a large maze-like dungeon, fighting random enemies in turn-based first-person perspective combat. The player has the option of transferring characters from the previous installment, or (in a later version of the game) generating new characters from scratch. As opposed to the predecessor, it is possible to save the game in the dungeon. Also, unlike the first game, all the six levels of the dungeon must be explored. Each level contains a piece of the armor of the Knight of Diamonds, assembling which is essential for completing the game.

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Full Demo 456kb (uploaded by DJ OldGames)
Full Demo 153kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
Included in The Wizardry Ultimate Archives ISO Demo 280MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Booter Images ISO Demo 212kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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