Sesame Street: Baby & Me Children's Television Workshop / The Learning Company, Inc. 2000

Created for children ages one to three, this teaches fundamental skills useful in childhood education through twelve activities. It features a number of characters from the educational show and music to fit each activity. The developmental activities reinforce skills such as color recognition, letters, numbers, animal identification, and cause and effect. In the numbers portion, Big Bird commandeers a train containing a range of numbers; as the train rolls down the track, children are introduced to ascending and descending numbers. Animated video sequences are used in the musical activities and feature songs such as "Wheels on the Bus." Activities are hosted by a cast of characters including Ernie, Elmo, and assorted live actors from the TV show. For example, Elmo is hiding in a group of animated scenes. To succeed, players will have to find him in each one. Children will also assume the role of Baby Natasha while imitating Ernie and his various moves. Other activities include animal recognition, through sound effects, and associating letters with various shapes. The software also features activities involving seasons. In these sessions, players must rake leaves in autumn and shovel snow in the winter (Zoe offers information pertaining to each season). Along with Elmo's slide show of weird and wacky pictures, there are various black-and-white scenes that can be colored using the mouse. As the first educational title in the series, it also contains a parental guide that outlines the activities and material covered. As an added bonus to Windows users, the PhotoCreator can be used to create fun-filled scenes and pictures; actual scanned pictures can be used with characters found within the program.
ISO Demo 226MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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