BloodLust: ShadowHunter WRF Studios 2015

From the maker of the Last Half Of Darkness series, this is a Single-Player Role Playing Game (RPG). Explore the 3D world of a forgotten society of Vampires and disciplines, while trying to battle for hierarchy among the clans. Varic and Vista, two silent, dark, and solitary "ShadowHunters" find themselves resurrected into a lost city terrorized by the all-powerful "Emperor" Ranior, a monstrous vampire lord. Haunted by visions of darkness and tormented by their ghosts from the past, Varic and Vista struggle daily, though they always continue to move forward. With each victory they grow stronger, increasing bloodline and skills in the "Dark Arts", but all at the cost of their humanity. With each new bloodline, they find themselves turning more into the vampiric monsters they were resurrected to destroy. In the end, their great power will be challenged only by themselves, as they will have to face the source of their own immortality and decide whether to embrace the darkness or destroy it. Play three classes of night feeders... Thug (Warrior Type), Thief (Rogue Type), Witch (Mage Type). With dynamic inventory, stats and skills, gameplay provides infinite replay. Summon bats, leeches and spiders to do your dirty work and build your bloodline from a fledgling into a powerful vampire. During your journey you will find and use hundreds of weapons and items. Vampires have Disciplines that can be used for various actions, such as... lock picking, secret sight (detect secret doors), spiritcraft (powerful magic in fingertips), spirit summon (familiar to help you fight), shapeshifting (turn into mist or fog), frenzy (extreme attack speed), iron aura (supernatural armor), alchemy (mix elixirs and potions), disarm traps, firecraft (cast fireballs at enemies), summon spiders to attack. Quests and storyline are dynamic. The decisions you make affect other quests, characters, and storyline. Join rival clans to learn their skills or destroy them.
Level Demo 14.8B 486MB (uploaded by Official Site)
ISO Demo with 2 updates 2.95GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo v1.00291 (Final Version) 1.34GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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