Abenteuer Landtag II [G] Fachhochschule Hannover / Parliament of Lower Saxony 2001

This cd-rom was available for free from German parliament to educate kids on the government process. It was made by 14 university students from the fields of design & media and economics who worked with the concept of Professor Doctor Thomas Jaspersen. It's a mix of first-person adventure and educational game. Your roam from a first person perspective, collect items and learn a lot about the topics: history of the building and the state of Lower Saxony, the Constitution of Lower Saxony and a lot about the political process in the state. The information texts are very well researched, written and understandable for each topic, there are still optional in-depth background information. There are lengthy voice-overs in the game. The information texts are presented by no less than former news presenter spokesperson Jo Brauner. Even the characters in the game were synchronized very pleasantly. Music can also be heard. Graphically, the game is presented in a subtle comic look. The drawings are very well managed and the backgrounds look just great.
German Free Game 332MB (uploaded by Werbespiel-Archiv)

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