Moontra Kid [Th] CyberPlanet Interactive Co., Ltd. 2004

This is brought to you by Asia-Pacific NGO on Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention Organization. A real edutainment game that has beneficial content to protect our youth from all drugs. The main content in this game is all about the drugs' toxins, to help our target audience to be aware of those toxins and say no to all drugs. Moontra Kid game has separated to 4 games. 1. Moontra Quiz Fighting is Q&A game. All questions are involve with drugs' toxin. Firstly, you must random your action before answer that question. If you were right, you'll attack your enemy by your chosen action. On the other hand, if you were wrong you'll be injured by your enemy. 2. Moontra Kid Magic Pair is all about nutrient's content that help our target audience to be aware of necessary nutrient for their body. This game is very challenging to your actions and your memory to pass each stage as fast as you can. Rock your brain now!!! 3. Moontra Kid Drugs War is an exciting platform fighting game. You'll be adventurous with many kind of enemies and you can use your many special actions to fight your enemy such as Moontra Wave Explosion or Moontra Wave Explosion Sword. There are 5 stages to fight for your success. 4. Moontra Kid Buggy is racing car game. You'll be excited with our racing stages. And you'll face off all drugs on your race and try to avoid them because those drugs will make you slow and stop you from your competition. You'll be thrilled and feel fun with our racing game. Let's have fun!!!
Thai Free Game 217MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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