Ein Fall für Dich und das Tiger-Team: Das Geheimnis der Goldenen Mumie [G] Retina GbR / Terzio Verlag 2000

This first game in a German series of adventures is roughly titled "A Case For You And The Tiger Team - The Secret of the Golden Mummy". Patrick, Luke and Biggi are looking for a detective like you. You can choose your own detective name and address in the game. The case: In Kingfisher museum a golden mummy has emerged that haunts the halls. Is a real mummy come to life, and they are guarding an ancient secret? You can: question lots of suspects, use computers and scanners in the Tiger Team hideout, and solve tricky puzzles. Moreover, there are a lot of action-tasks: Follow the mummy through the dark corridors of the basement, use the spin-channel direction finding, program a remote control car, etc.
German ISO Demo 465MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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