Alhomepage: Les Premières Expériences [Fr] Alexandre Venet, Parasite 2007

This brings the player into a cyberworld created by the mysterious "AL". Nature doesn't have its place here. You play as a unnamed avatar, who has to explore the beautiful world of Alhomepage, in order to resolve riddles. Navigation is similar to the first Myst: pre-rendered 3D scenes, seen by the player in first perspective, with point 'n click. The game also has a full soundtrack. The player doesn't have any idea of the story when the game starts, except that the creator of Alhomepage, "AL", allowed him to explore his world. It's a great virtual walk where the avatar can explore the seven islands, meet the locals, discover how some strange robots work. The story takes some elements from "Micky's Adventure", a web-browser flash game developed by the same author in 1998. In that game a local of Alhomepage had to "reset" the cyberworld in order to avoid its extinction. Although the game isn't very hard, it's not particularly suitable for kids: it contains obvious elements about the use of drugs. Alhomepage was released in a limited retail version in entire Europe and some other countries, but in August 2010 the it was released in full digital download version for free.
French Free Game 410MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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