Dunzhin / Warrior of Ras: Volume One - Dunzhin Intelligent Statements, Inc. / Computer Applications Unlimited 1982

Dunzhin is a simple role-playing game that is similar to Rogue. Your goal is to enter a dangerous, multi level dungeon and return with a valuable treasure. The game uses simple keyboard commands to move about and interact with the environment. As you explore the maze like dungeon, you will come across various enemies which you can attempt to fight, bribe, hide from or even run away. Different creatures have different weaknesses, so to improve your chance of success you should note the best approach to dealing with a particular enemy. You begin the game with a limited number of hit points, and if you lose them all the game will be over. In addition to the main treasure you are after, you may also discover some additional bonus treasures hidden in various rooms or by bribing creatures. Good luck on your quest!
Booter Image ISO Demo 307KB (uploaded by Molitor)
Cracked Floppy ISO Demo (provided by GigaWatt & upped by Scaryfun) 69KB

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