Disney's Tarzan Activity Center Disney Interactive 1999

Ready for a jungle adventure of your very own? Then fire up your PC and install Disney's Activity Center: Tarzan for some fun with everyone's favorite man-ape. Professor Porter will guide you through more than 65 levels of Arcade-like action and creative activities to test your reflexes and your brain. Based on the animated Disney film of the same name, you get to play as baby, young and adult Tarzan at different points in the games. Professor Porter has a map which you click to go to the different games waiting for you. You can record stories of your exploits in the Jungle Journal in English and then convert them to crocodile, elephant, gorilla or leopard speak. A printable decoder card helps you translate everything back, and you can e-mail it to your friends so that they can read all the secret messages you'll be sending them. In Tarzan's Jungle Tumble, you control Tarzan through a 2D platform game as you make your way through the jungle, Elephant Falls and the ship, where you meet up with the evil Clayton and his thugs and try to stop their despicable plans. Over in Trash the Camp Music Maker, the goal is to help the gorillas put together their own band with the various objects lying around the camp. When they're ready to go, you can click the victrola to record your song and play it back. On the sheet music screen, you can manipulate the notes and insert lyrics for your tune. If you'd rather play a variant on Concentration, check out Fetch-the-Sketch. Your job is to lure the baby baboons out of the trees and reveal the sketches hidden on the vines. Keep playing until you find one which matches the sketch in Jane's book. On the first level you only have to match two animals which look alike, but in the second you have to match a grown-up animal with its baby and in the third you have to pair up animals with the sounds they make. In Terk and Tantor's Power Lunch, you must help feed all the animals which have come over for a meal. Bounce the chameleon ball into an animal's square and then bounce it into the foods that animal likes to eat. Some of the squares are special ones and will change the game; the sloth slows the ball down while the cheetah speeds it up, for example. Finally, you can sing along with some of Phil Collins' music from the movie in Tarzan's Sing and Swing. If you'd prefer to sing solo, click on the picture of Terk with her hand over her mouth and you'll only hear the music. If you'd like to see how the music for the movie was created, check out the sneak peak video included on the CD-ROM. All of the projects which you create, from the decoder cards to the personalized stickers found in the Adventurers' Stickers area, can be printed using special Avery supplies which you can buy at just about any stationery store.
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ISO Demo 231MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Disney's Hot Shots: Tarzan Jungle Tumble - Russian ISO Demo 355MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Disney's Hot Shots Tarzan Jungle Tumble - ISO Demo 72MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo with DOSBox 351MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Disney Hot Shots: Disney's Terk & Tantor Power Lunch - ISO Demo 69MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
French/Dutch ISO Demo + Scans 107MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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