Story of Creation, The Little Ark Interactive / Brøderbund 1997

The Story of Creation is a new interactive CD storybook based on favorite children's Bible stories from the Old Testament and uses the same Mohawk engine as Living Books. This bible tale is presented in a lively, non-denominated manner, with children ages three to seven in mind. This story emphasizes the beauty and wonder of nature, enhancing with a world of living creatures that sing, dance, and share a gentle, child-oriented sense of humor. Children will love the story's lyrical text as much as they will enjoy directing the show with the click of a mouse. Parents and grandparents will love the story's enriching, entertaining qualities. Each colorful page of the story entertains with an array of animated surprises and clever dialogue kids can click on again and again. Kids can choose to have the story read to them, or explore by themselves with just a click of the mouse. Features: Eight fully animated pages, with eight animated introductory pages; Engaging original music throughout the storybook; Virtually every item on each page comes to life when tapped; All words are “active” for extended word play and language learning – tap on any word to hear it spoken; Move between pages with swipe or with scrolling page navigation; Two modes: “Read The Story” and the fully interactive “Explore The Story”; Multiple settings to further customize the App for your child’s reading experience; Parental tips to help you get the most out of this interactive storybook.
Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 46MB (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)

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