Cossacks in search of the Mona Lisa / Как казаки Мону Лизу искали [Ru] Jam Games / New Disk 2005

Get ready to brace all your internal organs, as the hilarious quest is already on the way! Three Ukrainian heros journey from the popular cartoon series "how Cossacks ..." and finally come to computers. However, an inventive player will take part in exciting adventures, travel time in the washing machine to visit different countries and continents, talking with dozens of characters in search of Mona Lisa. The game is richly flavoured by a huge number of jokes, gags and accompanied by clockwork melodies and musical parodies, so you are guaranteed a good mood for a long time. In addition to all the heroes, you can also hear professional comedians – Oleg Filimonov gentleman from Odessa, Oleg Shkolnik and star of "mask show" Boris Barskiy.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo + Scans 2.33GB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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