Microsoft Complete Baseball Microsoft Home 1994

1994 Edition This software is designed to please the true aficionado of the nation's pastime, featuring a comprehensive list of records and statistics as well as a multimedia almanac that offers a broad perspective on the history of the sport. Information can be accessed in several ways, through a favorite player or team or by a particular statistic or record. Fans that make their way through the disk can test their new baseball knowledge in the All-Star Trivia Challenge, which includes over 900 questions in eight categories. 1995 Edition New in this edition is a “Ballparks” section, with almost ridiculously detailed information for every major-league park – history, measurements, seating charts, phone numbers, multiple photos, up-to-date scuttlebutt on parks up for replacement – there’s even hotel and tourism information for each. There's also a brand new interface for dialing up daily box scores and statistics for every player, which could be downloaded from the internet in various formats to fit almost any spreadsheet program.
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ISO Demo 170MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
1995 Edition - ISO Demo 282MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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