Snowman, The: A Magical Adventure, Raymond Briggs' Creature Labs Ltd. / Emme Interactive, Encore Software, Inc. 2000

Activities in this cd-rom focus on matching, sorting, classifying, memorization, sequencing, and problem solving. Children ages three to seven join James and his Snowman, as they fly through the air, dance with other snowmen, and meet Santa Claus. Features include a story to read, a 26 minute animated video, and games. Activities involve dressing James, connecting a dot-to-dot puzzle by following a mole through the snow, building a snowman, and sorting objects found in James's home. Helping the Snowman through a maze, color matching, and performing a dance routine complete the seven activities. No distinct skill levels are offered, but some activities increase in difficulty as play progresses. Graphics are hand-drawn, and are true to the illustrations of the book on which the game is based.
Le Bonhomme De Neige - French ISO Demo 404MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
English ISO Demo 381MB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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