Treasure Adventure Game Robit Studios 2011

This open world platform adventure with its massive open world is stocked from end to end with treasures, secrets, characters, quests, puzzles, and more, this old school throwback manages to combine adventure, RPG, and platforming genres into the kind of game you'll only have the honor of experiencing a few times in your life. An ancient legend tells of a world where all land was joined as a single continent and the people lived peaceful lives. An angry demon invaded the realm and threatened to destroy everything, but a wizard rose to the challenge and fought off the fiend. Before the demon was banished, he struck the core of the planet and sent a tidal wave surging across the surface, drowning most of the land and leaving isolated islands in its wake. The wizard knew the demon would return, so he hid the twelve enchanted items he used to defeat him in the hopes that a future hero could save the world when it was in peril. It begins many years after those events, casting you in the role of a boy who washed ashore on one of these islands. Armed with a hat (as all adventurers are required to have), a helpful parrot, a boat that appears whenever you touch water, basic platforming abilities like jumping and crawling, and treasure maps, you get to explore the secret-filled 2D world one island at a time, getting quests from characters that help provide you with the items you'll need to further explore the game's rich environments. It's largely quest-based in nature, and at any given moment you'll be working on at least one main task with a few others in the back of your mind. You'll encounter non-player characters in need of assistance, ranging from friendly forest mice to squiggly little worms trembling beneath the soil. Your trusty parrot pal allows you to communicate with these creatures, and he can also help you out of tight situations by allowing you to control him briefly.
Free Game v1.0.1 104MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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