Banished, The Frontline Studios, Akella 2004

The story takes place on a distant planet. The planet - alike the Earth - is divided into continents, most of which is inhabited by a number of races of different beings. Due to the fact that the civilization development of the world corresponds to early middle ages, the communication between particular continents is, in fact, not possible. Thanks to this, on each continent there was developed separate culture and the inhabitants of particular continents are different from each other. There is a rumour among the more developed parts of the population, which says that somewhere "over the ocean" there are other beings, other towns and villages, however most people consider this to be day-dreaming of presumptuous thinkers. Of course there were many brave men who have taken the risk, either to gain fame or money, and set off for a long cruise, however there is no trace left of him... On one of the continents, in a seaside village there lives a woodcutter. His life goes by slowly and peacefully, the days are similar to one another. Not far from him there lives a village shaman. Both characters are joined by certain event. One day, when shaman was strolling around the nearby forrests, with the purpose known exclusively to him, he found an unconscious man on a forrest clearing. The shaman brought him round and took to the village. After a few days it became clear that the man does not remember who he is and how he found himself in the forrest. The shaman became a bit anxious about this situation, however the days were passing by and the man became a part of the local life. Because he was a strong man, and taller than other inhabitants of the village, he was given an offer to become a woodcutter. He agreed on this with no resistance, at last, in his state it was difficult for him to decide whether this idea is good or not. After some time he came to a conclusion, that he is keen on this work and he decided to stay in the village for good. The inhabitants took note of the fact with a joy... Game features: About 500 locations (3200 x 3200 pixel dimension each), unusual stucture of game script kept in fantasy mood and changing during, progress of the game action to the sf, huge world available for game player - game take place on the entire planet (4 continents), many additional events waiting for the player in recess areas of willages and cities, many kinds of weapons and armour, from wooden baton to rocket launchers, over 45 spells available for a player ilustrated with trumendous visual and sound effects, the Game History illustrated with hand drawn pictures, innovative system of fight, spell and character description, the Game mood underlined by the beautifull music smoothly adapting to the action, remarkable, detailed graphics of all terain, buildings and other stuff and much more...
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ISO Demo 770MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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