Jungle Jack Sweatbox Animation 1995

Based on the 1993 Danish animated film, "Jungledyret". The plot is about a rare jungle animal named Jack (aka, Hugo) who lives a happy life in the jungle of India with his monkey pals. However, a rich movie owner's ex-wife plans to get her hands on the poor creature. He suddenly escapes from the crazy actress to find a lot of dangerous hazards (including cats) around the city. With the help of Rita the Fox, he must get to a boat which will take him home. Jungle Jack is a platform game. There are no weapons, but Jack can leap onto the hazard's head to avoid him/her/it (except the electricity coming from the wires in Level 3). The power-ups are Jack's favourite food, fruits. They give him more energy and boost up the score.
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Jungledyret Hugo - Nordic ISO Demo 149MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Full Demo 4MB (uploaded by Abandonia)

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