Funny Pizza Land Stefan Roman Hosch 2002

As the protagonist, Pedro, owner of a small restaurant on the brink of bankruptcy, you are given the task of finding the Global Media Monster so that you can collect the reward, thereby returning your business from the red into the black. Unfortunately for Pedro and fortunately for the adventure gamer, this involves trekking from one side of the forest, meeting weird characters, completing quests that they ask of him. The game has an avant-garde style particularly in the cutscenes, which are a mix real video footage and amateur animation. The game is quest based and the puzzle is figuring out where to find the particularly item you are looking for. A free version called Funny Pizza Land 2D acts as a playable demo of the 3D game.
Free 2D Version 8MB (uploaded by
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ISO Demo 224MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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