Tommy & Oscar: The Phantom of the Theatre Rainbow S.p.A. 1996

"The first truly interactive cartoon" for children. Welcome to Tommy and Oscar's world, where there is child's play to learn about the music! Play and Learn, 9 music video games, more than 60 minutes of cartoons, karaoke ready to record! The main character, Oscar, is an extraterrestrial who feeds upon music notes and the whole CD-ROM is designed as a fun way to teach the basics of music theory to children. In 1998, a TV series of 26 episodes with the same characters was made, as well as another tv series and movie later on.
Finnish Clone ISO Demo 152MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo missing CD Audio Tracks (provided by Cait Sith & upped by Scaryfun) 88MB
Tommy Och Oscar - Swedish ISO Demo 146MB (uploaded by Legends World)
2002 English ISO Demo 143MB (uploaded by

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