Hard Hat Mack Michael Abbot and Matthew Alexander / Electronic Arts 1984

The Apple II version of this game published in 1983 was the first game published by Electronic Arts. It's similar to Nintendo's remarkably successful Donkey Kong game of the previous year, with more gameplay variety and faster action. The player guides a construction worker through a series of goals, making use of open paths, springboards, conveyor belts, and elevators, taking care not to run out of time. Assuming the role of the titular Hard Hat Mack, the player has three lives. Level One (building framework) - the goal is to replace four holes in the floor, and capture a moving jackhammer to secure the plates. At the same time, the player must avoid getting hit by bolts thrown from above, being tagged by a vandal and OSHA representative who circulate through the building, and falling off the edge of the building. Level Two (construction site) - the player guides Hard Hat Mack through a four-level construction site with the goal of collecting five lunchboxes. An OSHA representative blocks the final hurdle, requiring a carefully timed jump. Level Three (factory) - the player collects five boxes and drops each one into a processor. An OSHA representative moves back and forth near one of the boxes, requiring a very careful jump. At the completion of a round, the game cycles anew with faster gameplay.
Browser-Playable Apple II Version (uploaded by Virtual Apple)
Full Demo 19kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Booter Image ISO Demo 22kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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