Wizards & Warriors Heuristic Park, Inc. / Activision Publishing, Inc. 2000

This is a traditional role-playing game similar in many ways to Wizardry games. The player builds a team of up to six members from ten available races to fulfill the legend of the Mavin Blade. It is possible to choose between four professions to start with, and convert to eleven others during the game, as the player learns the destiny of the heroes and prepares to confront the evil Cet. The first-person perspective game uses mouse and keyboard commands to interact with the world. Combat is phased during melee, but real time at range. Magic uses a school/skill/mana approach: a character can only cast spells within his own school(s), with intensity of magic depending on his skill level, and limited by the amount of spell points in the school.
2CD ISO Demo 1.09GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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