Jumpman Epyx Inc., Mirror Images Software, Inc. / IBM 1983

"Jumpman" was the original name used for Mario in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong, which featured several elements that appear here. Jumpman is a bomb disposal expert. He is called on to save the Jupiter headquarters after the evil Alienators invade it and booby-trap its 30 levels. In this early platform game, the titular hero must find his way around each screen, collecting every bomb. There are platforms and ladders to use, and a jet booster to propel you up the screen. However there are also enemies to avoid, and Jumpman must be careful not to fall too far. He can jump, and there are two kinds of rope each allowing a single direction of climbing only. Hazards include falling "smart darts" (small bullets that fly slowly across the screen, but when orthogonally lined up with Jumpman, greatly speed up and shoot straight in his direction) and other hazards that are unique to a certain level. In 1994, an unofficial PC port Classic Jumpman, missing the level "Freeze", was released by Ingenieurb├╝ro Franke and an updated version which included Freeze was released in 2001. Jumpman Zero was made by Dave Campbell in 2003 and a beta contains twenty-eight levels: the first level was from the original game, and all others were new, including several parodies other games. In spirit with the older games, each level has a unique hazard. Jumpman has the ability to dive and roll, and several levels are larger than the screen and scroll. The game uses an unusual graphics style that consists of 3-D renderings of pixelated graphics. In 2003, the first version of The Jumpman Project, a port of the original PC game to modern computers, was released. Also in 2003, Chris Leathley developed Jumpman - Under Construction which contains a full Level Editor.
Full Demo 64kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
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Booter Image ISO Demo 54kb (uploaded by scaryfun)
Fan-Made Remakes: Classic Jumpman, The Jumpman Project, Jumpman - Under Construction (uploaded by Official Sites)
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