Historion: Babylons Fluch [G] Ruske & Puhretmaier Edutainment GmbH / Heureka-Klett Softwareverlag GmbH 2003

On the hunt after the Babylonian demon, the player embarks on a fast-paced journey across through the years from 2500 BC up to 365 BC. The demon Arriv seizes power over the digital past. To save the history of mankind, the player in the form of Tom travels back into the past. Dialogues with innumerable figures, action in historic market squares and a bloodless battle against evil bring excitement and variety in the game. Only with knowledge will the many tricky puzzles be solved. You visit the pyramids at the time they were built, make a pilgrimage from the Temple in Ephesus to the ARTEMIS, travel to Babylon, and enjoy the colorful life of this city. Famous people but also simple artisans, priestesses and dealers help in the search for the magical stones and make a long past time come alive. The large part of the learning provides lots of helpful and interesting details of things such as rituals of sacrifice up to the invention of soap in Babylon. The story becomes an unforgettable experience. Famous buildings, numerous historical persons, cunning opponents and an exciting story will amaze adventurous players. In numerous dialogues and the intricately designed sceneries, bygone civilizations from history can be touched and experienced.
Infos and Screenshots
German 2CD ISO Demo 570+548MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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