Fish Fillets II, The IDEA Games / ALTAR Games 2007

Agents Tina Guppy and Max Flounder received an important mission: to find Virgil Crab, younger brother of King Crab, the millionaire businessman rap-star, who was kidnapped. The main suspect is the famous serial killer, Jack the Fisher. In this sequel to Fish Fillets, the player again controls two fish: Agent Tina Guppy (a little female golden fish) and Max Flounder (a big male blue fish). The object is to lead both fish to the exit of each level, making them rearrange the level objects in such a way that they can exit unharmed. Max can move heavy steel objects while Tina can enter the holes and corridors that are too narrow for its bigger partner. The characters will die if objects fall upon them, but unlike the previous game, they can now move objects over each other's back, and can also swim downwards while carrying an object. Along their way, they'll get help of other six characters. They'll also find starfish, which will unlock bonus features, such as picture puzzles, videos, extra rooms, etc. By collecting starfish they'll also gain the "Joker feature", which allows the player to skip a given level. The level structure is branched, allowing the player to continue by another way if he gets stuck somewhere. The game has a total of 112 levels.
Czech ISO Demo 669MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Fisch Filets 2 - German ISO Demo 607MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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