Verliebt in Berlin [G] House of Tales Entertainment GmbH, Radon Labs / dtp entertainment AG 2005

This is an adventure game based on a famous German telenovella with the same title. The series focus on the character Lisa Plenzke, who is head over the heels in love with her boss David. But he doesn’t notice her, as she is very inconspicuous. They work together at a fashion company. One day Lisa has to prove herself by organising a fashion show in short time. And there is also another girl Annabelle Kirchbach. David has an crush on Annabelle, but she cheats on him. Your task is to expose Annabelle's sinister plans, organise the fashion show and win David's heart. During the game, Lisa has to regain her self-esteem and become popular. The game is mainly an adventure, but also includes roleplay-elements, and makes use of the original sets of the TV-series. It contains fiddly puzzles and a lot of social interaction.
German Level Demo 61MB (
German Full Demo 358MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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