Barely Floating Stemshock Interactive / Screen 7 Entertainment 2012

Modern day pirates have abducted the passengers of a luxury cruise liner and are holding them for ransom. After the negotiations break down, it is up to one of the cruise ship passengers, bitter old Joseph Lancaster, to outwit the pirate crew and save his fellow hostages. Barely Floating is a standard third-person perspective point & click adventure game. The left mouse button is used for movement and interaction with objects and non-player characters. The right mouse button is used as the Look command, triggering Joseph to describe the item clicked on. There is an inventory, and objects in the inventory can be used to interact with each other and with other objects in the environment. One innovation is the ability during dialogue with a character to ask about objects in the same room - moving the mouse cursor away from the dialogue options allows the player to scroll around the room and select extra topics for conversation. It was sold for a limited time as part of Summer Batch Volume One to support makers of games using Adventure Game Studio. It was made freeware in April/2013.
Free Game 160MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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