Adventures in Math IBM 1983

The player takes the role of a treasure hunter who explores a castle. The goal of the game is to find the exit while earning as much points as possible. Points are rewarded for picking locks and finding treasures. To achieve these tasks the player has to solve mathematical riddles while using the four basic arithmetic operations. The answer has to be typed in by using the keyboard. If the player doesn't succeed the game shows the correct answer and he has to try again - but in a few cases the treasure gets stolen by a spider and is lost forever. In the beginning of each round the player selects the size of the castle and the used combinations of mathematical operations, e.g. only addition or multiplication and division.
Full Demo 88kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
Floppy Image ISO Demo + Full Demo + Scans 68kb+2MB+14MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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