Magic Dream Nikita / Midas Interactive Entertainment 1997

This is an exciting animated game based on Russian folk tales of the boy Bobby and his friend Bear and a mischievous and funny squirrel and how to defeat the evil Victor Crow, a stump-monster, scary wolf and to save his 7 friends also. Symphonic music accompanies the game, and is very sensitive to what is happening on the screen. It's of the mini-game genre, allowing escape from the real world and giving a kid a nice boost of energy. The adventure has arcade and puzzle elements. Real time controlled cartoons with horizontal scrolling. The original Russian game won the Best Graphics award at the 1997 festival "Anigraph". An English version was released in 1999.
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Included in Diamond Bird & Magic Dream - Russian ISO Demo 392MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Russian ISO Demo 330MB (uploaded by

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