Fancy Pants Adventure: World 1-3 Brad Borne 2006

The character Fancy Pants is a mix of a stick figure and Fido Dido. The first world consists of three levels with a single boss. The game is a typical 2D side-scrolling platformer. Fancy Pants can jump, slide down slopes, and jump on top of enemies to take them out. He can also roll, similar to Sonic and launch himself to higher areas through half-open loops. The entire game has a hand-drawn style. Players collect icons to restore health and there are also hidden trophies that can be viewed in a separate section. They reveal more about the author's influences and interests. A secret area also contains a wall jump power-up, through which Fancy Pants can run towards wall to launch himself to a higher area. World 2 (2008) has the same gameplay as the original game, but offers many enhancements. Fancy Pants can now hang from ledges, wall jump straight away from the start of the game, and slide down slopes. There is also a storyline now, as an angry rabbit has stolen his ice-cream. The backgrounds are much more varied, there are more enemies, the speed is faster and more timed platform jumping is needed to complete the different levels. Players can unlock trophies and additional colours for his pants. All levels feature a mini-game where Fancy Pants needs to kick a snail's shell into a hole to unlock new items. This technique can also be used on enemies; there are now two ways to defeat them. A small jump on top of them will leave them stunned for a short moment, allowing Fancy Pants to kick them into the air. Large jumps kill them right away. World 3 (2012) added some sweet, new tricks to his repertoire. Do gravity-defying wall runs, jump off some walls, and even cut up some enemies with your fancy new weapon. The sword doesn't come into play until later, but it will be your best friend against the baddies you will face. The controls have been upgraded to give the fancy pants man better control over his wall jumps. Different directions result in different jumps. The enemies have taken a few lessons from their past beatings and compiled quite a diverse group of friends. From gun shooting rats to smelly pirates, you can beat them with your sword or jump on their evil, little heads. The game has matured a great deal - movement has become smoother, the visuals have become more detailed, and the dangers have become...well...more dangerous. The variety of enemy types provides a difficult challenge and the boss battles make for an even more engaging experience. The exploration is enriched by adding stars, secret rooms, and challenge rooms for you to find in your newest quest. In Feb/2020, a purchasable Remix Edition added REMIXED levels and a whole new boss at the end. You can collect all of the NEW collectible Cutie Chronicles and you unlock Fancy’s sister, Cutie Pants. Grapple your way to victory with her trusty sidekick Kabootle.
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Browser-Playable Free Flash Games 1-3 (uploaded by Jay Is Games)
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