Seal: Travelers of Destiny [K] Garam & Baram Corp. / Kama Digital Entertainment 2000

The world of Shiltz is home to many political factions and two major religions: Church of Elios, apparently a benevolent organization with many followers, and Church of Balie, which worships dark gods. Somehow the adherents of Balie managed to resurrect one of these gods, Galadriel of Chaos, who was sealed away three hundred years ago by the legendary hero Erasnets. Members of the cult are being vigorously pursued by the militia, but the whereabouts of Galadriel are unknown. A knight named Duran is involved in the search for the Balie, driven by personal revenge. After meeting a cheerful young thief named Baldea, he becomes involved in the struggle between different organizations, and must find a way to interpret an ancient prophecy that alone can save Shiltz. It's a Korean-made role-playing game in Japanese style from the makers of the Zaphie horror adventures. The player navigates a party of characters through interconnected locations, including vast wilderness areas, towns, and dungeons. Though the structure of the game's story is linear, many of these areas can be accessed freely at any point. Enemies are visible on the screen, and a contact with any of them initiates a battle. The battles are turn-based, and the participants' turns are determined by their speed. The system is somewhat similar to that of Grandia. A special bar shows the time remaining before a character can act. Timing attacks is required to perform combos using more than one character. Characters can attack physically, cast magic, or use various abilities.
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