Artifact, The Johan Grinde (Velorond) 2011

This is a free game made with Adventure Maker with photos of the Swedish countryside similar to the Carol Reed series. You receive a letter that notifies you from an unknown sender about an artifact that probably has an inestimable value. Apparently, they want you to run a little scavenger hunt. It gives you a rough place that you need to go there to find another document and this principle will be repeated until the finale. The starting point is your own home, from which you go into the mountains to an abandoned house, a church, as well as in a factory with many dark spaces that you have to cross with a lamp. At this point, the light will be temporarily replaced by even a slight gloom. About 50% of the adventure you are however out in nature. Some screens also allow 360 degree turns.
Free Game (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 289MB
Free Game 274MB (uploaded by

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