Swigridova Kletba [Cz] Agawa s.r.o. / JRC Interactive 1996

The Manahon county has suffered for hundreds of years from a strange curse. Every year, on the day of winter solstice, the most important citizen of the county must blow the horn of Kerke to make spring come. But the evil wizard Swigrid hates the sound of the horn and spring as well, so he steals the horn. The player controls the simple shepherd Robin who is the only one who can defeat the evil Swigrid and return the magic horn. Swigridova kletba (Swigrid's Curse) is a fairy-tale adventure in the vein of The Legend of Kyrandia It is one of the first Czech games that features voice acting, provided by the developer team members themselves. The game is entirely controlled with the mouse through a single action. The gameplay is based around exploring the environment, talking to characters and solving puzzles. Items can be collected and they are stored in an inventory near the bottom of the screen.
Czech Full Demo 18MB (uploaded by DJ OldGames)
Czech ISO Demo 54MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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