Esklavos Federico Rutenberg / 2007

This is a 17 (!) part free Flash adventure series. Ungo and his best friend, Virop work for an interplanetary shipping company. Recently, they were to transport a special piece of cargo (more specifically, a talking doll), but got distracted along the way and crashed on Akea. They found out after getting separated, that it was in a state of war. A band of creatures called the Uros were invading with superior numbers and superior technology. Help the Akean population to defeat the Uroz and restore peace to the planet. Ungo will be chased around by several Uros, pass through an underwater gauntlet, and meet an Akean woman who used a magic flute. Virop infiltrates the Uros' base, prepares a fine fish stew, and has more than one bad dream. Esklavos tells a very suspenseful and exciting story, not to mention humorous at just the right moments, and you'll want to play each chapter to the end to see what happens next. Also, the backgrounds are photorealistic, and the voices and background sound are spot-on. The difficulty increases after the first chapters. Chapter 4 incorporates a new system called K-ROL which has nested dialogues. Chapter 7 adds a musical theme.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Games 1-17 (uploaded by Official Site)
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