Tiny Barbarian DX StarQuail Games 2013

What's a barbarian to do when bad guys steal his girl and tie him to a tree? Bust free and go on a rampage! It's time to jump, sword, and climb your way to vengeance, and that's just the beginning. Tiny Barbarian DX is not just one adventure, but a series of self-contained episodes inspired by sword and sorcery short stories of yore (think Conan the Barbarian), delivered in the format of a 2D action game with retro-style graphics. Originally it was a free game. Since the original design, a number of improvements have been made. The combo system has been given an overhaul, allowing for new attacks and easier inputs for a smoother, more aggressive playstyle. Tiny himself has been redrawn, still tiny, but beefier and with a range of new moves, including a ledge-grab, an earth-shaking elbow drop, and the ability to ride on suitable mounts, and numerous other fine adjustments.
Free Game Version 4.2MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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DX - Episodes 1-4 Full Demo 181MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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