Petka 5: End Of The Game [Ru] Saturn Plus / Buka Entertainment 2004

Vasilij Ivanovich Chapaev, the brave Red Army officer during the Russian Civil War of 1918 in reality, and a low-level drunk idiot in the game series (as well as in countless jokes very popular in ex-Soviet Union), is back for another adventure starring himself and his titular side-kick, the boy Petka. This time, the two unlikely heroes are being used as pawns in a grand scheme by a mysterious mastermind named Kotovsky and his even more mysterious "behind-the-scenes" boss, who want to change the political face of Russia forever. Will Petka and his mentor be able to thwart the danger and save their homeland once again? Not much has changed in this installment; as all the previous games in the series, Konec Igry ("End of the Game") is a traditional point-and-click adventure game, with 2D cartoon-like character graphics and backgrounds. The gameplay mostly revolves around talking to characters, gathering information, and solving puzzles mostly through manipulation of inventory items.
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Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.26GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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