Sims, The: Life Stories Aspyr Media, Inc. / Electronic Arts, Inc. 2007

Life Stories is the first title in the The Sims Stories series, part of the larger Sims franchise. Unlike the main The Sims 2 game, which offers open-ended gameplay, this title focuses on the life of 2 characters, Riley Harlow and Vince Moore, and the game mechanics are more reminiscent of the console ports. The player needs to guide 2 characters through a more or less linear story, with set goals to achieve and through the use of scripted sequences. Each character has an independent, pre-defined story, and upon completion a classic mode is unlocked, where the player can create a new character with much more freedom and open-ended gameplay. In Riley's story, she is evicted from her house in Sim City and moves to her aunt's house in Four Corners to start a new life. She will get to meet the neighbours and Mickey Smith, who soon becomes her love interest. Vincent Moore is a business tycoon from Bitville who breaks up with his girlfriend Samantha Hayden after proposing to her. He too will fall in love, with Naomi Hunt, but there are business rivals to take into account. The game has been optimized for laptops through the controls and by not requiring an independent graphics card. Gameplay wise, this the same Sims 2 you know and love. You'll control your Sims' every action, from washing dishes and watching TV to going to work and going to the toilet when appropriate. Adult Sims can have kids, and all Sims age, grow, and eventually die. You can trigger all sorts of nasty things to them in the process, with fires and the like, if your tendencies are more destructive than constructive. There is an array of objects and decorations to buy, and you can build your Sims' houses with a variety of wallpaper and carpet options. In this, nothing has changed between Life Stories and the core titles.
DVD ISO Demo 2.14GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in The Sims Stories Collection (2008) Multi20 ISO Demo 2.85GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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