Lupoker [It] P.RO progetti informatici 1999

The classic poker game in a challenge against the computer. It is the classic poker game with openings, raises, bluffs. You are in the Lupoker Palace and you will have to win as much as you can to see your challenger hiding behind the door and to climb upstairs. In this new version in addition to the 5 playable levels and renewed graphics have been included 5 jazz and blues tracks, composed by the legendary Paolo Rosato, that will accompany your matches. (Program reserved for an adult audience).
Italian Trial Demo v2.0 3.33MB (uploaded by myloch)
Italian Full Demo v2.0 (provided by Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 1.3MB
Italian Trial Demo v3.0 5.82MB (uploaded by myloch)

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