Blueberry / Lt. Blueberry Coktel Vision / Infogrames 1987

Based on the French comic book character created by Jean-Michel Charlier and Jean Giraud, this is an interactive comic book. The game mixes graphical adventure (with digitized images from the graphic novels) and arcade sequences. The ageing Blueberry (also known as Mike) and his companion Jim McClure are searching Arizona for an abandoned gold mine, rumored to be near the Dead Horse Mesa. However, they know that the area surrounding the mine is cursed, and a spectre guards the mine. Many pitfalls await them, not least the native Indians and other ambushers... The game plays like a comic strip, while allowing you to make your own choices as to what you want to do next. There is also some arcade action where you must shoot enemies while avoiding being shot yourself – it's nice at first, but quickly becomes a real chore. The graphics are excellent, as one would expect from Coktel Vision, but the arcade sequences let the game down slightly.
Spanish Full Demo 196kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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