Papyrus: The Curse of Seth [Fr] Public Technologies Multimedia, Dupuis / Ubisoft 1999

This is an adventure based on Belgian comic book series and cartoons of the same name Gieter Lucien. Seth, the god of evil, made prisoners of six major gods of Egypt. Papyrus helps to save them in six missions, recovering elements that Seth has hidden: characters, sets, props and sounds. Compose music, draw, create hieroglyphic writing secret messages and solve puzzles. With the tools of the program, you can also create your own adventures. Not a conventional children's adventure, the game consists of six phases in which we complete the scenes with backgrounds, characters, animations and sounds that are lacking. For example, you can ask us to put on the empty decorated Nile scenery a sun in the sky and the sound of a bird, then we go look at the gallery objects and pictures, put them in our inventory and use them on the empty stage. At first it might seem easy without the slightest complication, but it's not as easy as it sounds, since the names of the objects can be confusing and we will keep trying until they tell us we've decorated it well. Basically puzzles consist in following the onscreen instructions and do what is said. You also have to make animations and musical compositions, play an odd game with hieroglyphs and draw what they ask. There is also the occasional puzzle that is more like classic adventure game puzzles, but always very easy and seeking above all creativity.
Papyrus: La Maldicion de Seth - Spanish ISO Demo and manual 346MB (uploaded by Abandonsocios)
Papyrus: La Malediction de Seth - French ISO Demo 600MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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