Sims, The: Castaway Stories Aspyr Media, Inc. / Electronic Arts, Inc. 2008

This is the third and last title in the all-new game series called The Sims Stories. This time your Sims have washed up on a tropical island. Help them make a new life in an unexplored paradise in this easy-to-play, laptop-friendly version of The Sims. It features two great ways to play. In the new and engaging directed Story mode, explore the island, build a shelter, learn to find food, and make your Sims' lives as fun and comfortable as possible. You even unlock rewards along the way as you achieve set goals. In open-ended Classic mode, you create your Sims and determine how they'll evolve on their new island home. In an environment where anything-or anyone-can wash up on the beach, you decide how their stories unfold. Play exciting new story adventures as a castaway on a desert island who needs to survive and thrive. Create and customise your Sims and play through 24 whole new dynamic chapters. Adopt an orangutan, fight off wolves, and choose your own romantic interest, taking on an adventure that is completely your own. Create multiple profiles and tell a new, unique story every time. It has an all new directed Story mode and classic Free-play mode. Featuring simple shortcuts and an all-new auto-pause that lets you start and stop easily when opening/closing your laptop. Easily stay in touch with friends by using your own IM & email while playing the game in its own window.
DVD ISO Demo 2.35GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in The Sims Stories Collection (2008) Multi20 ISO Demo 2.85GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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