Back to the Cubeture: Era 1 & 2 Edible Castle 2009

Era 1 Based on a series of flash cartoons, this is a shortish adventure that features our hero, Cuboy, the ultimate friend. When dastardly bad-guy type Esquire Padrino (gasp!) builds a time-warping device to destroy the world, he springs to the rescue! Only to wind up trapped back in the wild, wild west, where men are itchy and horses are square. Will Cuboy catch Padrino in time? Will he uncover the secrets of the desert? And more importantly, who's going to clean out all these spittoons?! If you get into a fight, you'll showdown wild west style... that is, waiting for the traffic light to flash DRAW so you can tap the [space] bar to shoot your foe before he shoots you. Draw too quickly, and you're a filthy cheater. But draw too late, and you'll have to try again, once you peel yourself off the bar. Era 2 (2012) feature sthe same excellent voice-acting, cheeky humor, and quirky art as its predecessor, but it's five times as long and offers a much more non-linear experience. This time you'll be rollicking through Cubathens, a sort of boxy Roman/Greek mish-mash. It features seven unique minigames, all of which can be played on their own from the main menu as well. Most of these are keyboard controlled, and range from a head-stomping gladiator platform battle, to jump-and-duck reflex tests, to... deity armpit hair munching.
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Browser-Playable Free Flash Games 1-2 (uploaded by Jay Is Games)
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