Woodle Tree Adventures MalboM 2013

This is an old school platform game made with Unity engine that has a catchy and unique art style. You will find all the classical elements from the 90's games and new interesting ideas. Explore a total of 6 worlds and save the lands with the magical water drops you'll find through your journey, bringing back peace and balance and finally becoming the new hero. In Feb/2021, Woodle Deluxe was released with: Local Co-op Main Adventure - Play as Woodle Beaver; New items and clothing to unlock for Woodle; Vast 3D environments presented in smooth 60 fps; two new levels; Improvements to the camera movements; Jumping mechanics enhanced for Woodle.
Level Demo 20MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Deluxe Screenshots/Videos
Full Demo v1.8 59MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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