Shelly Club Vivendi Universal Interactive / Mattel Interactive, Inc. 2001

Join Shelly and her pals at the Clubhouse full of magical adventures! Play in imaginary worlds of fun and adventure with Shelly, Deidre, Tommy, Chelsie and Belinda! Click on objects you find in the clubhouse for lots of fun games and activities to play. Grab your sled and ride through a winter wonderland. Catch falling stars to play with a unicorn, and play dress-up in each exciting adventure! Bring your imagination along and join the club with Shelly and her friends! Play Benefits: Provides hours of open-ended fantasy and creative game play! Encourages social play and artistic expression! Explore 7 exciting worlds with 1-2 activities in each location! Decorate the table, choose the china and even create yummy pastries! Plant magical seeds in the greenhouse and discover what grows! Catch falling stars to decorate the unicorn! Play dress-up in every activity!
ISO Demo 117MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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